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Project Manager, Lead Carpenter, Carpenters

Starting Pay $20-$30/hr

Benefits Include: Paid Holiday / Vacation and 401k contributions

All positions require proven experience as a carpenter, an excellent understanding of carpentry techniques/methods, the ability to read blueprints and technical documents as well as a good understanding of basic math and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Please see responsibilities and requirements for individual positions below.

Project Manager

Responsibilities & Requirements:
-Collaborate w/ engineers, architects etc. to determine the specifications of the project
- Negotiate contracts w/ external vendors to reach profitable agreements
- Obtain permits and Licenses form appropriate authorities
- Determine and schedule needed resources for projects (manpower, equipment & materials)
- Ability to keep project on schedule
- Provide excellent customer service

Lead Carpenter

Responsibilities & Requirements:
-Time management skills
-Ability to read architectural plans and blueprints
-Organizational skills
-Ability to manage/oversee subcontractors and carpenter crew
-Provide excellent customer service
-Experience in custom home building and remodeling


Responsibilities and Requirements:
-Layout for Framing of walls, floors, roof systems and stairs
- Work with blueprints or instruction from Lead Carpenter
-Install of cabinetry and Finish materials
-Install of Doors and Windows
-Operate Tools, Machines and other equipment
-Experience in Custom homebuilding & Remodeling
-Provide Excellent Customer Service
-Erect Scaffolding and staging securely and safely

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